Management Team

Founder Chairman,

It all started with the dream of a man determined to realize his vision, our Founder Chairman Mr. RAMESHWARLAL KABRA. Migrating from Bangladesh to Nepal and back to his roots in India. A very humble beginning was made in the city of Indore, but he soon realized that his dreams were bigger and more ambitious. He established a small electrical trading shop in the city of Bombay. His strategy was simple, to work hard, establish, consolidate, and then ultimately move to manufacturing. Initially, growth was slow but steady. After four decades of sheer dedication and hard work, today the group is amongst the market leaders in its segment.
What began with an unwavering trust in ones own innate abilities has now extended into a group philosophy of trust, transparency, and innovation. This is exemplified in any business transaction undertaken by the group. Today RR Global is not only a leading Conglomerate but also, an entity which has been deeply conscious of its social responsibilities too. It truly believes that each citizen is obligated to contribute towards the wellbeing and welfare of the society.
The group now earns the trust and goodwill of all its stakeholders. Resting on the fundamental foundations of relentless pursuit of innovation and striving for excellence in its operations, the group is now amongst the best worldwide.

Founder Chairman



Tribhuvan Kabra

Chairman, RR Global

Shreegopal Kabra

MD RR Kabel, President RR Global

Mahendra Kabra

Joint MD, RR Global

Kirti Kabra

Director, RR Global


Mahesh Kabra

Director, RR Global

Sumeet Kabra

Director, RR Global

Hemant Kabra

Director, RR Global

Rajesh Kabra

Director, RR Global

Core Team

Sanjay Taparia

Director, Global Sales

Rajesh Jain

Director, RR Kabel

Balachandran Dharman

Director, RR Kabel

Shishir Sharma

CSO, RR Kabel

Nakul Modani

Director, Ram Ratna Infrastructure Pvt Ltd

Ankit Modani

Vice President, Commercial

Satish Agarwal

Director, RR Imperial

Naresh Modani

Director, TMG Global FZCO & RR Electricals Middle East FZC

Bipan Kaul

Director, RR Electricals Middle East FZC

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