Research & Innovation
Innovation and technical excellence are the pillars for the success of RR Global.
All the brands under RR Global convenes, catalyses, and implements a thriving, inclusive research, and innovation ecosystem. A dream without a plan and a plan without action/implementation remains a utopian idea, just wishful thinking!! Our deep-rooted philosophy of our commitment to offer the best products for the varied applications translate into our objective to drive technical excellence in all our production facilities.

With new research and inventions, we strive to provide a fresh route towards technical advancement, thoughts, strategies, and new marketing trends, which have become a primary factor for RR Global companies to make way for a future where the world has no boundaries. Our entire product range exhibits and provides a hazard free environment to our customers

At our DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) recognized R&D centres for RR Kabel , we design, develop, assess and prove the cable behaviour and functionality for the harshest environment and application. To achieve maximum realistic conditions, we simulate physical, chemical, environmental and electrical hazards on the cables. With our advanced set up we help mitigate any threat in an unusual application of our customer. No matter whether the cable is installed at -50°C or immersed in oil, our experts provide a reliable and sustainable solution, meeting advanced technological requirements at optimum cost.
Electrical Equipment Industry - RR Global

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